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Time really has gone by…

I totally forgot about my blog, just thought about it today and decided I would drop a line.

My birthday this July hit me very hard, only 3 more years until I hit 60!  Way too old most would say, but hey at least I’m still kicking!

I decided before going on our cruise this year that I would try to shed some unwanted pounds, lots and lots of them to be perfectly clear, lol…  Today marks a 14 lb. loss and a change of eating habits that I have had for all my life!  I just really hope I can get right back to my new way of eating after the cruise, because I am pretty sure I will be a bad girl while on vacation.  You would think they would have come up with a “perfect pill” by now for weight loss.  Perfect being it would not harm your health and really worked.  Research for all these years and no perfect pill yet, boo.  Oh well, the most important research is for cancer – I still totally believe we will someday find a perfect cure for it and I pray I don’t get it before they find it!

I did the HCG diet for 21 days, to jump start my diet.  The diet does work, but you can’t cheat and you can’t go right back to your old habits when  you stop the diet.  This diet is tough, not for the weak.  I also started a buddy support group with two of my dearest friends that also fight the battle of the bulge.  This was the best thing ever, the 3 of us discuss our failures and our success stories and how we feel about life in general.  It really does help to have something like this, highly recommend it if you are trying to lose weight!  My husband has the worst eating habits ever, so I can’t really talk to him about dieting at all, lol.

I weigh every single day, but really wish I would have taken measurements before I started.  I can go several days without losing a pound, but swear I’m losing inches and have no way to tell except how my clothes fit.  I would tell you that weighing each day is essential, no matter how depressing it might be.  I would also get a digital scale because even .2 lbs. of fat loss is great mental therapy to keep it up!

I guess that is about it for today.  I am blessed each day and I pray you are as well!  BTW, prayer works wonders – without my faith I would have nothing!

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