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Looking at clock, waiting for 4 pm!!!

Linda September 3 2015Me today, did nothing with my hair, lol.  I love my new lashes and the fact I really don’t need eyeliner on top lid.  I just use a little mascara on bottom and a touch of liner.  Got some new jewelry at Steinmart, reduced – just my style, lol…  I am so blessed to be able to post today, God is holding my hand each day!


Finally found the house I want!

Friendswood House

I have been looking for a  year now for a house I would love to have in the little town where I work and where my son and his family live.  I finally found it yesterday and now I’m hoping to talk my husband into buying it for me, lol…  This house has everything we want, great layout, pool, 3 car garage and a place to park our motorhome.  Best part is, I would be less than 5 minutes from my grandson and my office!  What more could I want?

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Rainy vacation day

So I took a day of vacation today so that I could get some errands run and prepare for upcoming trip.  Never fails we get one of the rainiest day we’ve had in a while, needless to say I am at home and taking care of things around the house not what I had planned on doing.

Today I tried something new though I went and had lashes put on my eyes and I have to say I love they way they look!   I didn’t go bold, I just wanted something to give me a fresh mascara look while I’m on vacation.  I’m sure this could become a costly habit, lol.

I had no weight loss today or yesterday but I do still feel really  good about the changes I’ve made in my diet and I’m praying I can keep this up!   Vacation will tell the tale but I’m hoping I don’t go crazy eating, bad enough I will be drinking. I haven’t had any liquor For one month now.   I don’t drink much anyway but I do love to drink when I’m having a great time and that’s what vacation is all about.

Well I guess that’s about it for the day.   The rain is really coming down, the dogs are napping and snoring on my lap and I really don’t want to get up and do anything ha ha ha!

I am so blessed today as always.   I especially feel blessed after I get to do face time with my grandson’s which I did last night,  they are my special joy!