New Year, new resolution?

Why do I bother doing a resolution?  Well, I always say if you don’t have some kind of goal, what do you have?  Pretty much, nothing.

So, again this year I am doing the same resolution which is to continue to lose weight and keep it off.  I’m starting to feel healthier, my blood work looks good for the first time in over 15 years and all my clothes are starting to sag and droop, I love it!

Nothing exciting in this resolution, but for the first time in my life I think I can keep this one.  I’m truly praying for that anyway.  I couldn’t have been as successful as I have been if it weren’t for my very best friend, Debbie and my other very good friend, Marleine.  Without their love and support and encouragement, I could not have made it this far!

Thirty down and thirty to go, I really would like to say by the end of 2016 I have achieved this goal!

Thanks for reading!

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Looking at clock, waiting for 4 pm!!!

Linda September 3 2015Me today, did nothing with my hair, lol.  I love my new lashes and the fact I really don’t need eyeliner on top lid.  I just use a little mascara on bottom and a touch of liner.  Got some new jewelry at Steinmart, reduced – just my style, lol…  I am so blessed to be able to post today, God is holding my hand each day!

Finally found the house I want!

Friendswood House

I have been looking for a  year now for a house I would love to have in the little town where I work and where my son and his family live.  I finally found it yesterday and now I’m hoping to talk my husband into buying it for me, lol…  This house has everything we want, great layout, pool, 3 car garage and a place to park our motorhome.  Best part is, I would be less than 5 minutes from my grandson and my office!  What more could I want?

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Rainy vacation day

So I took a day of vacation today so that I could get some errands run and prepare for upcoming trip.  Never fails we get one of the rainiest day we’ve had in a while, needless to say I am at home and taking care of things around the house not what I had planned on doing.

Today I tried something new though I went and had lashes put on my eyes and I have to say I love they way they look!   I didn’t go bold, I just wanted something to give me a fresh mascara look while I’m on vacation.  I’m sure this could become a costly habit, lol.

I had no weight loss today or yesterday but I do still feel really  good about the changes I’ve made in my diet and I’m praying I can keep this up!   Vacation will tell the tale but I’m hoping I don’t go crazy eating, bad enough I will be drinking. I haven’t had any liquor For one month now.   I don’t drink much anyway but I do love to drink when I’m having a great time and that’s what vacation is all about.

Well I guess that’s about it for the day.   The rain is really coming down, the dogs are napping and snoring on my lap and I really don’t want to get up and do anything ha ha ha!

I am so blessed today as always.   I especially feel blessed after I get to do face time with my grandson’s which I did last night,  they are my special joy!

Time really has gone by…

I totally forgot about my blog, just thought about it today and decided I would drop a line.

My birthday this July hit me very hard, only 3 more years until I hit 60!  Way too old most would say, but hey at least I’m still kicking!

I decided before going on our cruise this year that I would try to shed some unwanted pounds, lots and lots of them to be perfectly clear, lol…  Today marks a 14 lb. loss and a change of eating habits that I have had for all my life!  I just really hope I can get right back to my new way of eating after the cruise, because I am pretty sure I will be a bad girl while on vacation.  You would think they would have come up with a “perfect pill” by now for weight loss.  Perfect being it would not harm your health and really worked.  Research for all these years and no perfect pill yet, boo.  Oh well, the most important research is for cancer – I still totally believe we will someday find a perfect cure for it and I pray I don’t get it before they find it!

I did the HCG diet for 21 days, to jump start my diet.  The diet does work, but you can’t cheat and you can’t go right back to your old habits when  you stop the diet.  This diet is tough, not for the weak.  I also started a buddy support group with two of my dearest friends that also fight the battle of the bulge.  This was the best thing ever, the 3 of us discuss our failures and our success stories and how we feel about life in general.  It really does help to have something like this, highly recommend it if you are trying to lose weight!  My husband has the worst eating habits ever, so I can’t really talk to him about dieting at all, lol.

I weigh every single day, but really wish I would have taken measurements before I started.  I can go several days without losing a pound, but swear I’m losing inches and have no way to tell except how my clothes fit.  I would tell you that weighing each day is essential, no matter how depressing it might be.  I would also get a digital scale because even .2 lbs. of fat loss is great mental therapy to keep it up!

I guess that is about it for today.  I am blessed each day and I pray you are as well!  BTW, prayer works wonders – without my faith I would have nothing!

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I often wondered why Mondays are so very hard on the mind and the body.  It seems with each passing year of my life, they get harder and harder to deal with.  There really isn’t much I can do about it though, not until I retire at least, ha!

So there is so much going on in the world today, isn’t there?  I hate to even write about it, but feel I must say my peace about the mass murders in Aurora, CO last week.  I wonder what can possibly possess a person’s mind to the point that they think killing innocent people is something they should even consider.  I know we have sick people in the world, but why open fire on people that have done nothing to deserve it.  I could see someone wanting to kill someone that had brought harm to them or their family – but not innocent people.  I personally feel that it should be a law that when someone commits this type of horrible crime – there is NO judge and NO jury – that they are given the death penalty immediately.  No one should be allowed to remain on this earth that could possibly ever commit a crime like that again.  I truly wish someone in the theater had a gun on them (with a license) and could have taken that guy out before he killed and injured so many people.  It makes me want to go get a gun, get a license and start packing – just saying.  In fact, I am thinking I really may do it.  If I could save ONE life, wouldn’t it be worth it?  I know I would have to live with it for the rest of my life, but I just think it would be worth it to save innocent people.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now, but I had to vent.  Prayers being sent up for all the victims and their family and friends for the Aurora shootings.  I pray God gives each of them peace in their heart.