One of Debbie’s beautiful flower pictures…



Random Thoughts

Haven’t written anything in a couple of days, not really sure why – maybe just brain dead or something.

This week at work has been the slowest ever, I almost fall to sleep every single day.  I am so glad I don’t have to get up and do this again in the morning, I’ll be super busy with my grandson though – love keeping him on Friday.  

It amazes me how much I love that little guy, everyone told me grandchildren were special – but until I had my own – I just never understood it.  Watching him grow is a blessing and I adore my time with him.

I need to get my closets organized, but man I dread doing it.  I need to get out of the slump I’m in with all of this re-organizing stuff.  I started the kitchen, got almost everything done except the pantry – double dread!

If anyone has any ideas on how I can get myself motivated to organize, please let me know, lol…  Till next time…Image

Just one of the many great bird pictures taken Debbie Holmstrom, thanks for letting me post them!

Debbie and her camera charm…

I have a BFF that takes the most incredible pictures.  She captures beauty with her camera and I’ve asked her to let me share it with all my followers (hopefully I will get more followers soon, lol)…  If you would like to use her pictures, please email her at for permissions.  I will post them from time to time and give her the credit and not take it myself, lol…  Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Bacon – the easy way!

Bacon - the easy way!

The best thing about this method is you lose no drippings, clean-up is a breeze and it is effortless. No standing over a hot skillet, getting popped with hot grease!

Once you remove the bacon, make sure to use paper towel on plate to drain excess grease, then pour your drippings out (or trash if you don’t use for cooking). I then run warm soapy water on my pan and let it set a few minutes, then I take a brush and gently clean it and then rinse it off. Then I put the whole thing in the dishwasher for the perfect cleaning touch.